Ethics, Sustainability & Consciousness

The Planet does not need more successful people. The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers and lover of all kind, said Tibetan Spiritual leader Dalai Lama.

In todays world leading Business and management Institutes such as IIM- Bangalore/Lucknow and ISB Hyderabad are looking beyond studies and integrating Such topics with their regular studies to offer unique programmes that are aimed at adding value through spiritual consciousness.

For instance IIM-B, has recently started two months course called "Management Paradigm from Shri Bhawat Gita", which aims at identifying some of the common problems that individual and organisations face today and how teachings of Gita Can help them with meditation and self management in addressing stress and burnout of managers through lesson of spirituality in business.

Law of "KARMA"

Karma is the eternal assertion of human freedom.... Our thoughts, our words and deeds are the threads of the net which we throw around ourselves said Swami Vivakanand.

Our choice to take conscious and unconscious decisions for Karmic Law decides the nature of society. As our soul is bundle of consciousness that has the seeds of Karma, memory and desire. By becoming conscious of the seeds of manifestation, we become a conscious generator of reality. By becoming conscious choice maker, one begin to generate action that are evolutionary for us and for those that are around us. As long as Karma is revolutionary, for both the self and everyone affected by the self- then the fruits Karma will be happiness and success.

Karma Yoga to CSR

Educational Institute and Organisations have also started realising the importance of Karma Yoga and have initiated leadership programs for young managers based on Karma Yoga, which is designed for learners to connect with ground realities and experientially learn transformational leadership, beside introducing them to social responsibility.

Karma yoga act as a real life practical laboratory for students to learn and experience the power of transformational leadership.

Ethically Speaking

Ethics is another important component of business leadership for young managers. Its utmost important to identify such sensitive issues and understand the impact of their decision and actions.

There is strong link between "ethics & CSR", "human rights", "supply chain management", "gender inequality", "sexual harassment" at work place. Ethics is not just feel good factor, it is also risk factor for the companies if not addressed properly.

Going Green

Business must start thinking in terms of going "GREEN" with their responsible & sustainable initiatives. After "Dow Jones Sustainability index", which has been evaluating the sustainability performance of the largest 2500 companies listed on the "Dow Jones Global Total Stock Market Index". There has been increasing awareness of environment issues in general, which are further supported by BSEs recent launch of two indices titled "Greenex and Carbonex" , evaluating several parameters of being "GREEN", which includes Carbon performances (Carbon Foots prints and Carbon credits etc).

Green Earth Alliance (GEA-SA), understand the importance and urgency of linking all these issues with holistic business growth and with its network partners, promote at every level of decision making.


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