The business which recognizes the multi-dimensional nature of human being and is setup not to achieve limited financial gains but to pursue specific social, cultural and environmental gains should be rewarded, recognised and appreciated at every level.

As business world is changing, the demand for sustainable products and services is also changing. With introduction of "New Company Bill 2013" by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (Govt of India) for Sustainable & Strategic CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives and guidelines on Social, Responsible and Ethical Business framework by International bodies like OECD, ISO-26000, UN Global Compact etc. Corporate world is also looking forward to play a proactive role to have significant and long lasting impact on "People, Planet & Partnership" with their holistic and inclusive business approach/plans.


Infused with innovative and entrepreneurial spirit and the excitement of accepting worthy challenges "Green-Earth Alliance" is established to undertake the challenges to promote, incubate, promote and mentor "Out of Box" Socially Responsible & Ethical business practices at micro and macro level as per the required parameters.

GEA is South Asia based multi-stakeholders, multi-culture, multi-dimensional socio-commercial endeavour of "SFID" (Society for Inclusive Development), launched to provide knowledge driven, innovative, sustainable& holistic development solutions through its "network of networks" to Govt. NGOs/CSOs, Corporate, Multilateral agencies & academia to strengthen regional cooperation, cultural diversity and prosperity for meaningful, equitable social and economic growth and move ahead to achieve UNs MDGs (Millennium Development Goals).

GEA commitment, working approach, fair trade practices, competence and vast field experience allow us to develop tailored made consulting and training solutions, design community centric sustainable development project right from conceptualisation to execution, to suit the specific needs of local or target beneficiaries in context of the client organisations.


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